Communication - Email and text messages are our preferred way of communicating back and forth. We will schedule our monthly check-ins in person or using whereby meetings. During these meetings we will discuss planning and go over tasks and to dos.  We will respond to phone calls and text messages during business hours. We strive to respond to any email you send us within 24 hours; however, please give me 48 hours on the weekends. We are either spending the weekend with our families or managing a wedding. If it is an absolute emergency, always know, we are here for you but please use our contact info accordingly.  Please email or text us for immediate contact and we will return your call at our earliest capability.  Any misuse of communication can void our contract and end services.
Aisle Planner - We use Aisle Planner for an assortment of planning reasons. Contracts, forms, information, etc. Please let us know if you need any help with this platform.
Holidays - We take 2 weeks off during the Christmas/New Year's holiday, as well as one week for Thanksgiving and one week for Easter. Vacations will vary, but we will let you know if we are going out of town. Your emails are very important to us, so we will respond as soon as we are back in the office.
Day of Coordination Clients - We love to help in any way we can with logistical questions, but keep in mind the service you purchased. Day of Coordination clients are not entitled to full-service wedding planning benefits. We will give you the tools to help you plan a successful wedding, but you are responsible for completing each monthly task. We are not personal assistants. Be sure to delegate personal duties to your bridal party such as keeping track of your vows, shoes, garter, etc. on the day of the wedding. We cannot be responsible for these items on the day of your wedding.
Completing All Documents - For your wedding to be a success, we will need all documents filled out and completed by the due date. If you have a less than desirable outcome and your paperwork was not completed on time, our company cannot be personally responsible.
Vendor Role - We will recommend vendors for you, but ultimately, we leave the decision to you. Our company and the employees therein are NOT responsible for the conduct of any particular vendor. This includes any additional fees incurred on wedding day to ensure your day goes as smoothly as possible.
Abusive Behavior - We absolutely cannot tolerate abusive behavior of any kind. Our company and staff will not stand for being yelled at, drunken behavior by bridal party members, any physical abuse, or acts of entitlement.  We expect the golden rule to be taken seriously. If this behavior is demonstrated to our company, we will immediately terminate service by removing ourselves from the event, continue with a void contract and all payments will be nonrefundable. Because a wedding is a team affair, we cannot allow wedding vendors to be abused either. We leave it up to them how they would like to handle such behavior, but if they are feeling mistreated in any way, we will suggest they follow their contract.
Extra Attendees at Meetings - For time management purposes, we ask that you do not bring extra people to our meetings. Our policy is that our meetings are strictly for the couple and financier. Outside influences tend to slow down the process and cause undue interference with our timeline.
Late Payments - We understand that things happen in life. We simply ask that you communicate your situation and any reason for a late payment. However, please note that this service is our livelihood and therefore we will not be able to work on your wedding after the second late notice. This means we will not communicate with vendors, or work on design details or any other wedding-related task. In this situation we cannot be held responsible for the aftermath after a late payment has been reinstated. To avoid any unnecessary stress, we highly recommend making all payments on time.
Personal Items - When it comes to your personal items on the day of your wedding, we ask that all items be assembled and ready to go. we also ask that you fill out our inventory list and label all of your boxes. Please note that we are not responsible for any items lost during the wedding. We will try our very best to track down and locate the item, but ultimately, we are not responsible for anything that is lost.
Setting Up Tables and Chairs - Due to our insurance policy, we are not responsible for setting up tables and chairs. If this service is needed, you can hire extra assistance for this service. If you rely on family or friends to do this task, we will not be responsible for incomplete venue setup. We have a strict timeline to follow, and any tardiness due to setting up tables and chairs can have a detrimental effect on the setup process. 
Catering Cleanup - We are not part of your catering service. It is not our responsibility to bus tables, clean up after them, throw away their trash, transport their trash, or mop the venue afterwards. These items are the responsibility of your caterer and you could lose your venue deposit if cleanup is not done. We also do not cut and serve cake due to our Insurance Policy.
Venue Cleanup - Per our contract, we are not responsible for cleanup of the venue, regardless of what the venue contract says. We are not responsible for any loss of deposit if the venue is not properly cleaned. We are contracted with you and not the venue. We will always assist with packing up your personal items, but due to time constraints, we need the assistance of family members and friends to break down the event and get things loaded into the car.
Plan B - We will enact Plan B if weather does not cooperate on the wedding day. We hate having to alter the day you’ve been envisioning, but Mother Nature is unpredictable and unforgiving. Because of this, if there is a 75 percent chance of rain on the day of the wedding, we will enact Plan B. We will always get your permission before going with Plan B, but we cannot be held responsible if Plan B is delayed by you. Experience has taught us that setup is very chaotic when going with Plan B at the last minute.
Reviews - It is our policy to comment on all reviews, bad or good. If you decide you are unhappy with your service, it is your right to leave a bad review. We hope you address us first so we can correct the situation. Please note that if we feel that the review is an inaccurate depiction of the event, we will address your issues publicly. Depending on the severity of the accusations, since this is our livelihood, we might ask our attorney to mediate. This is why we encourage you to communicate with us immediately with any hesitation or doubts. We are here to serve you; but cannot do so if you are not confident in our services. We will not be blackmailed or extorted by a bad review in any way, shape, or form. We will always follow our contract terms + conditions.
Communicating Concerns - We have an open door policy. Chelsea created this company to serve you, your needs, and your wedding day vision. It is your responsibility to communicate any concerns you are having about your service. You can do this at any time. Communication is 100 percent a part of our policy. Please don’t hesitate to discuss your service at any point during the wedding planning process. If you wait until after the wedding, there is nothing we can do to rectify the situation. This only hurts your wedding day experience. Do not hesitate to tell us about your doubts or concerns at any time. If communication becomes too difficult to ensure we are properly prepared for your wedding day, we will immediately relay communication about termination of our service, and any payments are non-refundable.
Human Error - We do our very best to create a flawless wedding, but sometimes things happen that are outside of our control, and sometimes human error occurs. Please consider giving us grace if this happens.

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